la radio uabab #183 Marvin Pontiac The Asylum Years

Radio Sonora
la radio uabab #183 Marvin Pontiac The Asylum Years
lunedì 4 dicembre 2017 ore 9,15
(replica: martedì 5 dicembre ore 21,00)

coverNo Kids
Marvin Pontiac
The Legendary Marvin Pontiac Greatest Hits (Strange & Beautiful Music, 1999)
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The Asylum Tapes

I Don’t Have a Cow
My Bear to Cross
Baby Pigs
We Are the Frog People
I Want to Get out of Here
I Am Not Crazy
I Am a Man
I Like to Wear Funny Outfits
My Little Garden Gnome
Santa Claus
I Am Not Alone

Marvin Pontiac The Asylum Tapes (Strange & Beautiful Music, 2017)
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