Federico Durand
La Niña Junco

Federico Durand - La Niña JuncoFederico Durand
La Niña Junco
(12K, 2017)
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Questa voce è stata pubblicata in 2017, Ambient, Electronic, Federico Durand, Minimalism, Organic. Contrassegna il permalink.

2 risposte a Federico Durand
La Niña Junco

  1. borguez scrive:

    Federico Durand La Niña Junco
    link removed by gentle request

    • Federico Durand scrive:

      Hello, please quit the download link to my album. It is a lot of work releasing music, but a simple thing just to put it free. Please, don’t put any of my music again for free download. It’s the second time I write to your page. Thank you very much for understand it. Please, respect the work of independent aritists and labels.

      Federico D.

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